Stair Lifts

EC14These “seated stair climbers” are the ultimate in safety and ease of use. The Easy Climber® Stair Lift can restore access to your entire home—upstairs and down, and to the basement as well.

If you’re afraid of your stair case, imagine how our stair lift can return full use of your home, help ease the aches and pains associated with restricted mobility, relieve the burdens of family and caregivers, and—most important—protect your safety and independence in your home.

Many thousands of our stair lifts have been installed for customers who:

  • Are fearful of falling on the stairs
  • Experience unsteadiness or loss of balance
  • Have a condition or concern, such as a heart problem or mobility issue, that restricts exertion
  • Suffer joint pain and stiffness
  • Put off trips up and down stairs until they’re absolutely essential
  • Stop using their stairs altogether and live only on the first or second floor
  • Want to alleviate the concerns of worried family members
  • Simply need a little extra help.

If any of these conditions exist — or many others that might be alleviated by a stair lift—then Easy Climber® can be an excellent solution. It gives a senior back full use of their home, restores confidence and provides greater independence for living safely at home for added years.

Easy Climber® stair lifts are designed for safety and comfort, with a swivel chair for safe entrance and exit, on-board controls for smooth start-and-stop operation, and retractable seatbelt and safety sensors. It is always fully charged, with a battery backup, so it’s functional even in a power outage.

Great design and our well-trained, professional installers ensure that Easy Climber fits almost any staircase, no matter the shape or size—and accommodates landings, too. Each stairway is individually measured, and each stair lift is custom built and installed to fit and operate perfectly.

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