Walk-In Showers

jacuzzi-walk-in-shower-seat_2Designed for Seniors is leader in hydrotherapy technology. The company’s experience and tradition are reflected in the superior craftsmanship, the quality and the performance of the Designed for Seniors® Walk-In Hydrotherapy Shower

Who uses a Designed for Seniors® Walk-In Hydrotherapy Shower?

  • Anyone seeking the ultimate luxury showering experience
  • People who need bathroom safety and prefer a shower over a bath
  • Those seeking relief from everyday aches and pains, discomfort and stiffness
  • Those dealing with sore muscles and joints, arthritis, neuropathy, sciatica or other complaints often associated with aging.
  • Anyone who is interested in improving the overall quality and look of their current bathroom

Four Designed for Seniors hydrotherapy jets focus on neck, back, hips and knees, to help ease pain and discomfort. In designing this shower, Designed for Seniors worked with expert physicians to maximize its pain relieving therapy by employing the correct level of water pressure to deliver gentle yet effective hydrotherapy to exactly the right spot.

Features of the Designed for Seniors® Walk-In Hydrotherapy Shower include:

  • Low, safe entry step
  • Jet Proprietary Water Delivery System for “above the water line” hydrotherapy
  • Strategically placed grab bars
  • NuTeak non-skid floor surface
  • Fold-down and movable bench seat
  • Therapeutic Shower Head with water delivery setting options
  • Handheld shower with ergonomic strap and controls
  • Patented 50/50 air-to-water ratio for the ultimate relaxing massage
  • Lots and lots of built-in storage space
  • Attractive, stylish design – looks nothing like those cheap safety showers
  • Nationwide Service Network

The Designed for Seniors® Walk-In Hydrotherapy Shower fits in almost any bathroom, and we can customize the installation to your existing tub or shower space. This shower provides a lifetime of comfort and relief, safely and affordably.

For more information on this latest bathing innovation from Designed for Seniors, please visit https://www.designedforseniors.com/walk-in-showers/.