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Grow Your Career

Throughout this website there are customer testimonials about what a great company AIHR is to work with. Now we want to show you what a great company AIHR is to work for.

Actually, work “for” is not always accurate. Our field sales representatives and some call center representatives, for instance, are independent business people. Some team members are semi-retired, some are veterans and many have direct experience helping care for the seniors in their lives.

Others come here seeking less regimented work, a job that’s not always 9-to-5 oriented. Some come for the travel, the freedom of being a Road Warrior (as our field reps term themselves). Everyone comes for a profitable experience, and we offer that, too.

Because we are rapidly growing, we’re always looking for Field Sales Representatives and Contact Center staff, but at various times we’re also hiring in sales management and in other functions such as our production, marketing, administration and support teams.

There are all sorts of reasons prospective employees seek us out, but when they do, there are four very distinctive reasons they join our team.

AIHR focuses on selling three products—and all three are nationally known brand names you will instantly recognize, as will your customer prospects. We are the nation’s only source for Designed for Seniors® Walk-In Bathtubs, Designed for Seniors® Hydrotherapy Showers, and Easy Climber® Stair Lifts, all among the most important brand-name products specifically designed to enable seniors to remain independent, safe, and comfortable as they age at home.

Since AIHR has deliberately focused on three products instead of a wide variety, it’s easy to master all you need to know to represent and sell them successfully. Your learning and training time moves quickly, and you can become an expert in a short time period.

Training is online, in person, and through additional resource materials as needed. Sales reps train with their Regional Managers, who ride with them at least once a month. There is an online catalog of courses that include topics such as how to complete a contract, measure a bathroom, take proper pictures, price jobs, engage the customer, and more. The course catalog includes nearly 50 courses—and growing.

They’re the lifeblood of every successful salesperson. As a large organization that services customers across the country — and as the exclusive dealer for Designed for Seniors® walk-in tubs and showers and Easy Climber® stair lifts — our lead-generation capabilities are considerable.

You may have seen our advertising in publications like Parade Magazine, AARP magazine, the New York Times Sunday Magazine, AAA magazine, Smithsonian—in fact, any advertising you see for these Designed for Seniors® or Easy Climber® branded products is generated through AIHR.

Our ads and informational materials appear not just in print media but also online, on TV, in direct mail, email, catalogs and digital channels. Advertising is nationwide, continuously generating pre-qualified leads. We do not believe in cold calling.

You will find our sales support staff to be exceptional, too, from the moment the Contact Center sets up your appointments to the assistance you will be given at every stage of your projects.

AIHR is different from everyone else out there because of two things:

  1. Products with brand names that sell, and
  2. Our affiliation with our parent company, firstSTREET.

All those leads that come in through the firstSTREET catalog and websites, as well as from the great number and selective placement of national ads, work hard for our call center and field sales teams — and we are exceptionally passionate about working with leads.

After all, those ‘leads’ are really people that need our help.

If you’ve ever been in sales or customer service, you know that the last point made is generally the most important. Our last point is, working for AIHR is a job you can be proud of, one in which every project improves lives, brings comfort and solace, and often allows elderly people or seniors to remain in their homes as they age, rather than having to move to assisted living or nursing homes.

To the extent that our walk-in tubs & showers and our stair lifts help prevent falls and fatal accidents—and they do—there are even opportunities to save or extend lives. For huge numbers of our employees, there is no better reason to work for AIHR than the opportunity to help out the generations that the rest of us now hold a responsibility for. We can help take away pains and concerns that time and experience have imposed upon them.

AIHR is always interested in hiring good people, in both senses of the word. We want people who are good at their jobs, who are ambitious and work hard, and are willing to listen and learn.

We are equally interested in employee integrity, and certainly in those who feel and show respect and empathy for older people and seniors who are struggling with age-related issues. In turn, you will be working for a company that returns loyalty and honesty to you.

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