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In-Home Consultation

Installing a walk-in tub, a hydrotherapy shower or a stair lift in your home is more than a purchase: it is indeed a remodeling job, with varying degrees of complexity depending upon the particulars of your own individual home.

Everybody would love to call a number and instantly get a firm quote of the cost of their project, but a professional remodeler would understandably hesitate to give you that binding quote without seeing the particular space involved in your home.

A voice on a phone would be more than likely unable to tell you, for instance, what size panels or extensions you may need for your tub, whether your hot water heater will provide the necessary amount of hot water or whether some unusual feature of your staircase might increase or decrease the cost of your stair lift installation. Might the bathroom door frame have to be removed? What’s involved in removing your old tub or shower?

An in-home consultation will explore all your options and provide all the information you and we need to move ahead with the work—and allow us at that point to give you a firm quote on the cost of your project. It’s entirely your choice whether to move ahead with the improvement or not. There’s never any obligation to purchase anything.

During our in-person consultation with you, we will first spend some time getting to know your situation and your needs. Once you and our field representative have agreed on the best product solution for you, they will do all the measuring and inspection required to give you an accurate and binding quote, as well as an overview of what will be involved for the successful completion of the work.

We think you’ll find an AIHR contract is simple and clean — no games, no hidden charges — and it includes our best-in-class Lifetime Limited Warranty. Our representative also is able to discuss third-party financing options if you are interested.

Whatever you decide, we hope to add value by helping you think about your safety and take steps to protect your independence and quality of life.

Ready to get started? Call us today at 1-800-461-3909 or complete the short form below and we’ll call you.