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About AIHR

Aging in the Home Remodelers, Inc. (AIHR), one of the largest home improvement companies in the country, is the nation’s only source for three major brand-name products that are specifically designed to enable seniors to remain independent, safe, and comfortable while aging in their homes:

We are America’s exclusive source for:

  • Designed for Seniors® Walk-In Tubs,
  • Designed for Seniors® Hydrotherapy Showers, and
  • Easy Climber® Stair Lifts

AIHR services include free in-home consultations and estimates, product sales & delivery and complete installations. We offer a complete, turnkey solution including a best-in-class Lifetime Limited Warranty on everything we sell and install.

Aging in the Home Remodelers is a wholly owned subsidiary of firstSTREET, Inc., the leading direct marketer of innovative products for “Boomers and Beyond” in the U.S.A. The company has been in business over 25 years, with a history of providing unique solutions for the challenges that often come with age or disability.

We invite you to learn more about our Vision & Mission and how we’re Making A Difference in the lives of our customers, team members and the communities we service.

If you were to ask a cross section of people who work for AIHR why they like working here, many of them would say, “Because we save lives.” That may seem a simplistic or even naïve way of looking at a business, but there’s no doubt that sometimes we do just that: we have saved lives, and we will save lives.

But more often—on a very regular basis—we improve lives, and we do that by providing vital benefits, exceptional products and innovative solutions to seniors who want to stay in their homes as they age.

Our commitment to providing products that allow seniors to age in place has, over the years, become somewhat a mission. In our work we have daily contact with older adults, seniors, baby boomers and the elderly, who often have great sentimental attachments to their homes. They’ve raised their children there. Their friends are in the neighborhood. Over the years they’ve created the home they’ve always wanted, and they understandably don’t want to have to move.

Yet, eventually a fair number of seniors reach a point when they are no longer able to step over the high sides of a bathtub in order to bathe. They may have become wary of climbing stairs and fearful of falling. They might have mobility issues that affect their ability to get to the second floor or the basement. Some worry about the loss of dignity and privacy that may befall them should they need caregiver assistance. Or they don’t want (or cannot afford) the ongoing high cost of moving to assisted living.

Mostly, our senior customers want to maintain their independence and live out their lives in the comfort of their own homes—and we at AITHR want to help them do so. Our employees are empathetic to the challenges seniors face as they grow older. We hire people who understand the aging experience and respect the accumulated wisdom of seniors. Both our people and our products work hard to put our customers back in control of their lives, safely and affordably.

AIHR mission statement: To positively impact the lives of our customers, team members and suppliers by treating them with dignity, respect and fairness. Through unparalleled service and superior leadership we will achieve profitable growth and long-term success.

We make a difference in the lives of our customers every day. Each tub, shower or stair lift we install changes the day-to-day life of its user. This in turn allows us to contribute to the quality of life for our team members and our communities.

For Our Customers

To be able to take a bath again in your own tub after years of making other arrangements—well, that’s a new lease on life for many. To have the aches and pains of aging soothed and massaged daily with a hydrotherapy shower—that’s life-changing, too. And moving from sleeping on the sofa to once again being able to get upstairs to a real bed—that’s a dream come true for some.

AIHR tracks customer satisfaction through an extensive review process, surveying every single customer post-installation. We read and collect all reviews, and we average a performance rating of over four out of five stars. A sampling of customer satisfaction reviews follows, attesting that the products we sell do indeed change lives, do make a difference.

“I needed this tub long before I got it. I’m an amputee in a wheelchair and even with one leg I’m able to get into the tub easily and to get out of it safely as well. I have a muscle condition that causes a lot of pain and this has been a delight. I take less medication than I used to. It has been an enhancement to my life. I wish I could have done it ten years earlier. You see a lot of advertising on television but if it doesn’t have the Jacuzzi name to it, I wouldn’t go anywhere near it. I feel that what I have is the best.

The tub was installed like it had been originally put there. You can’t tell that it’s a later add on. The crew cleaned up after themselves. I have all the instructions about the care of the tub and how to keep things going well. There are a lot of details involved in a project of this magnitude and I feel that they were exceptional at pointing out everything I had to know to get the best use out of the tub and to avoid doing anything that might damage the material of it. I’m very satisfied.”

– From San Francisco, CA October, 2015

“Aging In The Home Remodelers were terrific! The salesman said it would take two days, and they were here at 10 and left at 3. They were wonderful and cleaned up everything. I am most satisfied with not stepping into a tub. The walk-in shower was a new experience for me and it was wonderful!”

– From Roseglen, ND October 2015

“If we had not gotten our Easy Climber, we would’ve had to move. It has made a big difference in our lives.”

– From Friendswood, TX, September, 2015

For Our Staff

Employee satisfaction and success are very important to us. We work hard to make a meaningful difference in our team’s lives as well. One way we do that is to encourage great independence and autonomy in everyone’s work.

Our field sales team members are independent business people, licensed and bonded. We work to bring independence to the professional life of our employees, much as they bring independence to the seniors we all serve.

For Our Country

AIHR makes a difference not only in the lives of our customers and employees but also in the life of our nation. We enthusiastically participate in Operation Homefront, a Texas-based nonprofit that provides emergency, financial and morale assistance to U.S. military troops, especially to wounded servicemen as they return home.

We are proud to represent Designed for Seniors, an American success story for over 100 years. Their products reflect a kind of ethic more typical of products produced in years past—it’s a long story of honesty and quality.

Designed for Seniors manufactures all of our walk-in tubs and showers at their plant in Valdosta, GA, helping to build the American economy, expedite shipping and installation, and ensure the quality of the finished product.